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BBQ Pit Box


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 BBQ Pit Box


Whats in the box

Big Wig chorizo Jerky 40g

Josh & Sues Smokin Hot Bourbon BBQ Sauce 270g , it has a slightly smoky and tangy sauce with a big kick. Goes great with beef, pork, and chicken. Try it on a pulled pork sandwich with some sweet cabbage slaw. Our bold barbecue sauce gets smoky heat from habanero peppers, and rich depth of flavour from Bourbon, black pepper, brown sugar, and liquid smoke flavouring.

-Josh & Sues Plougmans Pickle 270g-  Ploughman’s Cider pickle is the ultimate pickle for cheese and cold meats. Add to your next cheese platter.

Smokey Q -Pork Crackle Chorizo 40g

Pork Crackle Seasoned with Chipotle Rub This pork crackle is cooked in small batches to give a delicious rich and crunchy texture,this 100% Australian pork crackle is hand crafted and seasoned…

Smokey Q – rib rub OR Choose Smoking Guns Charcoal Rub

RIB RUB -This unique savoury blend is complex with just the right amount of spices and WA lake salt balanced by a touch of sweetness and will enhance the flavour of your delicate….


SMOKIN GUNS– Smokin’ Guns charcoal rub packs a punch with the combination of its earthy flavour,Smokey Q spices and activated charcoal from coconut husks. Full of character,flavour & contrast, the added charcoal creates…

The Gourmet Merchant – Nuova Cucina Olive Oil 100 ml

Beautifully presented in a Eco Friendly box, wrapped in beautiful Jute and elegantly finished with Satin edged organza ribbon. ( Male suited )



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