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Deluxe Everyday Gourmet


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Deluxe Everyday Gourmet- Ultimate Foodie

Nuova Cucina Olive Oil 100ml

Ogilvie & Co Honey Roasted Peanuts 60g

Nuova Cucina Panaforte Traditonal fruit cake 200g.  Dating back to 13th century Siena, in Italy’s Tuscany region, Panforte is a traditional Italian dessert containing fruits and nuts and resembling fruit cake.

For the love of cheeses Artisian Fig & Olive fruit and seed crispbread 170g

Nuova Cucina Kalamata Olive Pouch 70g

Magaret River , Udderly delicious Macadamia Dukkah 100g.

Dukkah is originally an Egyptian blend of spices, seeds and nuts that is served with olive oil and bread for dipping.

But it’s so much more than just a dip! Dukkah adds lovely crunch and a flavour explosion where ever you use it. And it keeps in the pantry for months!

Maggie Beer Pear and Rosemary Paste 100g. This delicious Pear & Rosemary Paste is the perfect accompaniment for a sharp, crumbly cheddar and would complement the array of flavours on a Ploughman’s platter. The pear is delicately caramelised with the sweetness balanced by savoury notes of rosemary and mustard seeds.

Miss Sweetie dark coated Cranberries 80g  Cranberry Dark Chocolate , plant-based ingredients like juicy apricot pieces and 100% vegan dark chocolate. Sensational

Vino food balsamic glaze. Rich balsamic meets red wine in this tasty combination of sweet and tangy.

Try it as a marinade for your favourite meats or use as a dressing for roast vegetable salad or why not dress a fresh salad of rocket, avocado, cherry tomatoes and croutons. Let your imagination go wild with all the possibilities of how to use this glaze. Ingredients: Balsamic vinegar, red wine, sugar.

Gorgeous selection of Australian produce.

Featuring carefully selected Panaforte fruit cake, dark chocolate cranberries and other Australian Made gourmet delights

Pair with your favourite cheeses for the perfect celebration or just because you deserve it.

Deluxe Everyday Gourmet Box – A gift to delight the gourmet lover

Beautifully presented in an Eco friendly box, wrapped in jute and finished with decorative paper band and satin edged organza ribbon.




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