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Fairy Garden Kit 


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Fairy Garden Kit

fairy Grass x 2 Fairy Lights .95cm Jar of Landscape pebbles 2 x mushrooms 2cm 2 lady birds 1.5cm 1 xGarden Swan 4cm 4 x Stepping stones 1 x Mini Fairy sitting 1 x Log Bench 8cm 1 x Standing Fairy with Mushroom 1 x Fairy Garden Bridge 10.5cm Packet of Blue glass Pebbles A beautiful kit to inspire your little Princess to create a magical Fairy Garden, complete with lights, fairies and landscaping.

Gardens , Fairies and magic go hand in hand. Every time you plant a seed, magic seems to happen. While we’ve never seen them, we’re pretty sure that fairies are somehow involved in this!
You can imagine that after a long day of weaving their magic through the garden, they’d love to just chill  and relax like we do. Perhaps, a cosy place to rest their wings and play among the flowers? So why not create a home where they can do just that. All you need is a couple of essential fairy items and few teaspoons of imagination and the fairies will be flocking to their new home in no time!

I recommend a good size wide pot to create your Fairy Garden Kit- Start by unpacking your box, you may need mum or dads help with this as each item has been carefully bubble wrapped to make sure nothing is broken and you may need some scissors for this step. Set everything out to see what is in the box and make a plan on what you think a fairy home would look like?, where will your fairy rest? where will her Fairy Bridge and rocks look best? I would love to see what you create so please feel free to post on Facebook, I will be sure to see it and let you know what I think !!!

Get creative with this fairy Garden Kit

Beautifully presented in an Eco friendly box, wrapped in jute and finished with decorative paper band and satin edged organza ribbon.


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