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Movie Night for Two


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Movie Night For Two

Perfect for catching up on some old favourite movies or a binge session watching a classic Netflix series

Shake the covid blues with some favourites below or perhaps some new found treasures


Cadbury Curly Wurly x 3 21.5gc  A swirly ladder of golden caramel draped in delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate.

Darrell Lea choc bullets 250g  Generously smothered in rich, smooth Darrell Lea chocolate and a soft liquorice centre with natural Australian molasses and liquorice root extract. It’s goodness wrapped in goodness, developed over 90 years.

Wicked Nuts strawberry & white choc Almonds 100g. Queensland Sunshine Coast  based Manufacturer of unique infused nuts and snacks locally grown and kettle roasted and hand crafted

Vino food Onion & Thyme Jam 110g  A hidden gem ( Well for us anyway ! ) The Lake house on over 91 acre property in Denmark in WA’s South West

Our Onion, Thyme & Red Wine Jam adds plenty of flavour to any dish with a delicious combination of red onions and red wine that creates the perfect balance of flavours. Great to stir through hummus for a quick dip, serve with roasted meats or make a tart with goats cheese, spinach and onion jam. Absolutely delicious!


Nestar Miss sweetie dark choc Mango 100g Perfect Movie Night Treat

‘Mmmm’ is for ‘Mango’ and Miss Sweetie Mango Dark Chocolate is pure deliciousness.  Handmade with real dried mango pieces and coated in creamy, vegan chocolate, it’s the perfect treat I can vouch for that … Divine


Dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soy lecithin, e476, vanillin), thickener (e414). Mango, sugar, citric acid, so2 max 300ppm. Dark chocolate contains 56% cocoa solids.

Red rock deli Honey soy Chicken potato chips 28g. The sweetness of honey with a splash of soy sauce , a crunchy taste sensation in every bite

Ogilvie & Co Antipasto Olives 200g: Perth based Ogilvies & Co Fine Food Merchants. Ogilvie & Co’s Antipasto Olives is a blend of whole green, kalamata and stuffed olives infused in a garlic and herb oil.

Try serving warmed with some fresh sourdough as a simple starter, or use as part of an antipasto platter. GLUTEN FREE

Wicked nuts -Whiskey, maple and Bacon peanuts. A little sweet, a little crunchy. One of the new Wicked Nuts flavours, this combination of sweet Maple syrup and bacon will get all taste buds tingling. Peanuts are roasted and hand-infused with Tennessee Whiskey for that smooth, full flavour kick.

120g INGREDIENTS: Kingaroy peanuts, sugar, maple syrup, Tennessee whiskey flavour, crispy onions, seasoning.MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF OTHER TREE NUTS AND GLUTEN

1 x Poppin Explosion TRIPLE Butter Microwavable Popcorn – When you’re looking for a snack that the whole family will love, reach for a pack of our Poppin Triple Butter Flavour Explosion Microwave Popcorn. Available in a 100g pack, this deliciously crunchy snack is made by combining Australian corn kernels with 3 times the buttery goodness. Ready in minutes, simply place in the microwave, cook, and enjoy warm freshly popped popcorn! It is a tasty snack to share with family and friends when you’re spending time together indoors.

Smokey Q Chipolte Pork Crackle 50g. Pork Crackle Seasoned with Chipotle Rub This pork crackle is cooked in small batches to give a delicious rich and crunchy texture,this 100% Australian pork crackle is hand crafted and seasoned

Movie Night For Two….

Beautifully presented in an Eco friendly box, wrapped in jute and finished with decorative paper band and satin edged organza ribbon.

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