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WA Craft Beer


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WA Craft Beer- A Selection Of WA Craft Beers


1 x Gage Road Summer Ale 4.25%  330 ml

One of the fastest growing craft beers in the country, Single Fin has become a craft beer staple, combining great flavour and sessionability. No stranger to glowing reviews and awards, Single Fin took out a top 5 spot in the 2017 GABS Hottest 100 beer poll.

A passionfruit and pineapple aroma to a light base, resulting in a full-flavoured and balanced brew. brewed in Palmyra Perth WA

1x Wilsons rough seas 375 ml Pale Ale 5.8 %

An authentic pale ale reminiscent of the rough seas of Albany. Show casing all Australian malts and new world hops. Australian Topaz, Cascade & Galaxy are used in the boil then dry hopped with Cascade and Galaxy. This beer is on the upper end of the Pale Ale scale at 5.8% ABV.Displaying piney, tropical hop notes with a firm bitterness, Rough seas Pale Ale is crisp and well carbonated making for an incredibly easy drinking beer.

1 x Colonial pale ale 375 ml 3.5%

Meet Colonial Small Ale, brewed to be lower in alcohol, not impact, or flavour. Our Small Ale is brewed using the same techniques – with the same malt and hop profiles – as an IPA, but it’s cleverly crafted to reduce the alcohol content to 3.5 per cent, without sacrificing substance. Brewed to deliver gentle, lasting bitterness, and layered a swift kick of citrus-and-pine goodness, you can drink small and stand tall with our full-bodied, flavour-packed Small Ale.


(Gentlemen’s Trio Condiment set

130g each- Gentlemen’s Relish, brewers Stout Mustard, Swagman’s red chilli jam)

The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! What better way to spoil that special someone

Gentleman’s Relish 115g
Brewer’s Stout Mustard 120g
Swagman’s Red Chilli Jam 140g


Big Wig smoky Chorizo Jerky 40gr

SmokeyQ Pork Crackle- Chorizo

Have a relaxing afternoon sampling a selection of beers from some of Western Australia’s finest Craft Breweries; WA Craft Beer.

Paired with a trio of delicious condiments and snacks.

Beautifully presented in an Eco friendly box, wrapped in jute and finished with decorative paper band and satin edged organza ribbon. ( Male Appropriate)


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